UG – B.A. / B.Com.

UG Level [3 Years (6 Semester) Degree Course]

Faculty of Arts – B. A.
Core Compulsory Sanskrit , English, Gujarati, Hindi, Economics
Core Elective Sanskrit, Gujarati, Economics, Psychology , Sociology
Elective Open Sanskrit, Gujarati, Economics, Psychology , Sociology
Elective Generic
Sem-1 Indian Constitute , Computer Skill , Stress Management
Sem-2 Indian Geography, Computer Skill
Sem-3 Environment Science, Disaster Management
Sem-4 Cultural Heritage of Gujarat
Sem-5 Indian History, Human Right, Library As a Learning Recourse
Sem-6 Personality Development , Health Management
Faculty of Commerce – B.Com
Core Elective Advanced Accountancy & Auditing
Subject Elective Compute Application , Business Management
Sem-1 Fundamental of Banking
Sem-2 General Insurance
Sem-3 Environment Studies
Sem-4 Disaster Management
Sem-5 General Knowledge ( Gujarat Level)
Sem-6 General Knowledge ( India Level)
Soft Skill
Sem-1 & 2 Fundamental of Entrepreneurship